Lorre Lynn Trytten

Lorre Lynn Trytten is a violinist, violist, composer and writer. She has worked all over the world in orchestras and chamber music groups, jazz and pop bands, and as a soloist. She appears regularly with Dutch pianist Marian Bolt and Florida-based group the Bow Regards. Her compositions have been performed internationally by amateur and professional groups of various size and instrumentation.

Born in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, she currently resides in Naples, Florida and Amsterdam, the Netherlands, but every spring and fall she can be found “back home” in the dairy state.

A short film including performances and compositions from various periods of Lorre Lynn Trytten’s career was made during the summer of 2020, when the COVID pandemic had canceled all other musical activity. The link is: https://vimeo.com/437659860 Password: Lorre Trytten

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Omval 76
1096 HV Amsterdam
the Netherlands
T. 020 661 25 45
E. lorre.trytten@upcmail.nl

Recently at Jumping Icecubes

Love in the Time of COVID-19, for viola solo, was written during the lockdown of 2020 and can be heard on the film mentioned above. A piano part was added during the summer of 2021.

2020 and 2021, though restricted by COVID, saw the premieres of two compositions for piano solo, inspired by the preludes of J. S. Bach and performed by Jacqueline Smit as part of the 24Preludia project in Amsterdam.

In 2019, Lorre was commissioned to write a piece for flute, violin, viola and cello by the Kromme Rijn Flute Quartet. Schittering was performed to a sell-out crowd in January, 2020.

Lorre is currently finishing a new CD, working on a composition for piano solo and preparing to write a Latin Christmas Mass that will be performed at the end of 2022.

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