Lorre Lynn Trytten - composer  

Lorre Lynn Trytten received her composition degree from the Utrecht Conservatory in the Netherlands, where she studied with Henk Alkema. The day after her graduation she received her first commission, for a string trio which has since enjoyed many performances.

Her compositions have been performed internationally by amateur and professional symphony and accordion orchestras, bands, choirs and chamber music ensembles. She has received commissions from many organizations, including:

In the Netherlands: Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst, Fonds voor de Podiumkunsten, Metropole Orkest, Stichting Nieuwe Muziek Zeeland, Stichting Huismuziek (later COMPAM, LOAM), Stichting RIM (Repertoire Informatiecentrum Muziek), NOVAM (Nederlandse Organisatie voor Accordeon en Mondharmonica), Kamerorkest Driebergen, Kromme Rijn fluitkwartet, Stichting Pianoconcerten (Amsterdam).

In Germany: Dresdener Zentrum für Zeitgenössische Musik

In the USA: Peninsula Music Festival, Central Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra.

Lorre is not an ivory tower composer. She consults with the musicians who will be performing her pieces; tries to be present at rehearsals; is willing to learn, grow and change through collaboration. In her opinion this method of working forges a link between composer and musicians that cannot but improve the ultimate quality of the performance.

Lorre's compositions appear on the following CD's:
Flairck: De Optocht (1992)
Kamerorkest Driebergen: Brainstorm (1995)
Alphen Opus 2: (2)You (1998)
Willem Breuker Kollektief: Dorst (2000)
Lorre Lynn Trytten: Feet on the Ground (2002)
Alphen Opus 2: Definitely Dutch (2007)
Klimt!: Kiss the Guitar Player (2009)
De Biltstars: Lekker Kruimig! (2009)
Bow Regards: Musicals & Ballads (2014)


2021 Love in the Time of COVID-19, piano part

2021 Wind Force, for choir SATB a capella, revision

2020 Love in the Time of COVID-19, for viola solo commissioned by Maarten Pieters

2019 Schittering, for flute, violin, viola, cello commissioned by the Kromme Rijn Flute Quartet

2019 Prelude in Es klein, voor piano solo commissioned by Stichting Pianomuziek, Amsterdam

2019 Norway to America, for solo voice, piano and bass

2019 Shades in the Cathedral, revision

2018 Prelude Tango in F minor, for piano solo commissioned by Stichting Pianomuziek, Amsterdam

2018 Can’t Die Today, for three voices, trumpet, guitar and piano

2018 The Witch at Sunrise, revision for violin, piano, bass guitar

2018 Glassbowers’ Ball, revision for violin and piano or organ

2017 The Witch at Sunrise, for violin and piano

2016 Bells of Bautzen, for violin and organ

2016 Marker of the Morning, for choir SATB, text by Lloyd Haft

2015 Glassblowers’ Ball, for violin and accordion orchestra, multi-media commissioned by Alphen Opus 2

2014 In Memoriam, for two violins and bell choir commissioned by Jacqueline Wysocki Wille

2013 Good Friday Vesper, for choir SATB a capella commissioned by LOAM written for Slavic choirs conducted by Serge Latychev

2009 Set for Swingin’ String Quartet commissioned by the Fonds voor de Podiumkunsten+ written for the Klimt String Quartet

2008 C, for choir SATB a capella, lyrics by Huub Oosterhuis commissioned by the Biltstars, Utrecht

2007 Sugarbush, for violin and symphony orchestra commissioned by the Central Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra

2006 Quatorze Juillet, voor acoustic guitar and string quartet written for Olaf Tarenskeen and the Klimt String Quartet

2006 Shades in the Cathedral, revision

2005 Shades in the Cathedral, for accordion orchestra commissioned by the NOVAM written for Alphen Opus 2, arranged for string orchestra

2004 Oma’s Idiote Poes, for two-voice children’s choir commissioned by the COMPAM written for the choir of the Waterland music school, conducted by Joep v. d. Oord

2004 El Grifo, for string quintet: two violins, two violas, cello commissioned by the Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst

2004 Heren van Veere, music for a film about the renovation of the Grote Kerk in Veere commissioned by Nieuwe Muziek Zeeland

2003 Two, for two percussion soloists and chamber ensemble commissioned by the Xenakis ensemble

2002 Beast and Beauty, for violin and chamber ensemble written for Mifune Tsuji and the Xenakis ensemble

2002 Dragon House, for string orchestra and rhythm section commissioned by the Metropole Orchestra

2001 Portals, for piano quintet (piano and string quartet)

2001 Armilo, arranged for Gerard Bouwhuis and the Frances B. String Quartet

2000 Dinner on the River Amor, for accordion orchestra and percussion commissioned by the NOVAM a collaboration with fellow-composer Ad Wammes for Alphen Opus 2

2000 Echoes of your Name, for string orchestra commissioned by the Raduga ensemble

2000 Revision of Impression: Blue Lake for the Peninsula Music Festival

1999 Next Year Country, for violin and piano

1999 Thwarted Intentions, for violin and viola

1998 Heksencapriolen, for accordion orchestra commissioned by the NOVAM written for Alphen Opus 2

1998 Vespers on the Edge of Time, for choir SATB and string quartet commissioned by Stichting RIM (Repertoire Informatiecentrum Muziek) written for geschreven voor koor Trajecti Voces

1998 Armilo, for string quartet and contrabass written for Arjen Gorter and the Xenakis quartet commissioned by Nieuwe Muziek Zeeland

1997 Impression: Blue Lake, for symphony orchestra commissioned by the Peninsula Music Festival, Wisconsin, USA

1997 Suite for Greetje Kauffeld commissioned by the Dresdener Zentrum für Zeitgenössische Musik written for geschreven the Willem Breuker Kollektief

1997 Oú Sont les Neiges d’Antan? for choir SATB a capella written for Trajecti Voces

1996 Gotcha! for string quartet commissioned by opdracht van Stichting Huismuziek

1996 Spring Fever, revision

1995 King Stag, music for the play, Prague

1995 Colors of Blue, for saxophone quartet commissioned by Syrinx Saxophone Quartet

1994 Spring Fever, five moods for wind quintet commissioned by Stichting Huismuziek

1993 Bij Tijd en Wijle, for violin, viola, cello, three voices, singing saw, percussion, piano and contrabass commissioned by the Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst

1993 Violin Concerto commissioned by Kamerorkest Driebergen written for Theo Olof, long-time concertmaster of the Concertgebouw Orchestra

1991 Three Two-part Inventions, for violin and cello

1991 Preggio ’91, for string trio, bassoon and organ premiered in Italy

1991 S’Graffito, for piano, percussion and small ensemble

1991 You my Comrade, three songs on poems by Walt Whitman for baritone, viola and temple blocks written for Celise Kalke

1991 In Retrospect, for melody instrument and guitar, later title Rain written for Flairck

1990 Restless, for violin, viola and cello commissioned by Stichting Huismuziek

Some compositions are published by Donemus (Muziekgroep Nederland); the rest by Jumping Icecubes.